There are several ways to access email:

  1. Via browser
  2. Via email client (e.g. Mozilla Thunderbird) using POP, IMAP, SMTP, or Exchange via secure/non-secure connections

The methods and settings you use depends on your email provider and your preferences.

Please note that, in most cases, Teky recommends using the SMTP/IMAP (send/receive) protocols in secure mode with Mozilla Thunderbird. We have found this tool to be the most dependable email client with the fewest issues, and it can reliably do any combination of mail protocols with secure or non-secure connections. It is freeware and has many available add-ons. Note that it doesn't do Exchange until you install the ExQuilla add-on.

Browser-based email is another good approach that can be simpler to setup/use, and is an excellent approach if you don't have access to a working email client.

Teky does not recommend Outlook because of its ongoing and frequent issues. Teky doesn't recommend Windows Live Mail because it will be retired on 10Jan2017. Teky doesn't recommend eM Client anymore because of frequent issues with it. Teky doesn't recommend Windows Mail (built into Windows 10) because of its poor user interface. Teky doesn't recommend IncrediMail because of its high overhead and advertising.

Teky does not recommend using IMAP with Shaw email because of their currently limited (1GB) mail storage offering.