Don't let just anyone into your computer, but if you want Teky's help, please follow this procedure:

  1. Connect with Teky via Support Ticket, email, text, or phone to get a "Join Code"
  2. If you are running ESET antimalware (recommended by Teky), then pause protection for 10 minutes*
  3. Go to with any browser
  4. Enter the code that Teky gave you (often your first name, last name, or company name) ... the join code is NOT case sensitive
  5. If you entered a valid join code, the arrow to the right should become lit ... click on it now
  6. You must allow the resulting program to download and run on your computer ... accept any requests of that nature**
  7. Watch as your Teky takes over your screen to solve your computer issues

* Ten minutes should be long enough for you to initiate the remote session. Simply right-click the "e" icon in your System Tray, left-click "Pause protection", and left-click "OK" (10 minutes should already be selected).

** On a Mac, you must go into "System Preferences | Security&Privacy" in order to trust the TekyRemote app.